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Skin care with the help of essential oils is here!

Find out how making your own skin care products from essential oils could bring back that glow.

Essential oils are yet another of natures' gifts to us and they are particularly loving to our skin.  Our skin is a living, breathing organ so it makes sense to nourish and feed it with the Beautiful woman with a pretty flower best, natural skin care ingredients.

There are many blends and preparations which utilise the natural goodness of essential oils and are great for our skin care routine.  It can be fun and quite satisfying to mix your own beauty preparations!

Take a look at these easy skin care guides and recipes for some of my own favorites...

Extra Nourishing Skin Oil Blend

Wake Me Up Facial Wash

Luxurious Body Lotion Blend

Patchouli & Orange Body Scrub

Razor Burn Preventing Skin Oil

There are so very many uses of essential oils and they are just perfect for you to include in your skin care products -  they can even be great for your hair too!

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