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A cellulite treatment for a more beautiful body

Aromatherapy treatment can help you to get rid of cellulite.

  Cellulite (or orange peel skin) is due to a build up of toxins which are bound by collagen fibers and stored away in the tissues under your skin causing a lumpy appearance.  In order to get rid of cellulite we need to know the causes so that we can provide the best treatment for them.

woman checking thigh for cellulite

  Areas prone to cellulite include the thighs, backs of arms and even the breasts.  It is believed that hormonal fluctuations, poor circulation, poor diet and fluid retention are all contributory factors and it is understanding these that will help us to get rid of cellulite.

  So, what is the best treatment for cellulite?  It is not possible to completely eliminate cellulite  but it is possible to dramatically reduce it to the point that no one else will notice but your self!  How?  Yet again the answer is given to us by Mother Nature...

   The best way to get rid of cellulite is with a combination of the use of essential oil, aromatherapy massage and  a sensible diet.  Exercise, where you can fit it in, is always a help.  
The treatment involves massaging the area to increase circulation which will help to reduce the build up of toxins.  This helps in slowly breaking down cellulite build up.  The essential oils will be absorbed through the skin during the massage where they will get to work, each with their very own benefits.

  In order to choose the best essential oils for your treatment we must think back to the causes of cellulite and select oils that will combat these causes most effectively.

Known to be a useful diuretic and often used in the treatment of fluid retention.  This essential oil is also noted for its ability to flush toxins from the system

A lovely, warm orange scent that is used frequently in perfumes petitgrain is a plant (phyto) estrogen which is also used in the treatment of hormonal imbalance.
Well known for its ability to cleanse toxins from all areas of the body, detox the lymphatic system, reduce fluid retention and will also help suppress appetite which are a useful combination of properties when it comes to cellulite!.

  Those three oils, together, possess the properties required to help combat and get rid of cellulite. All you need to contribute is committment, effort and some good quality oils.

  Add 3 drops of each essential oil to 15ml  of carrier oil (dilute so that the oils are safe for your skin).  The most suitable carrier oil for this purpose would be avocado oil due to its ability to make the skin more permeable so that all the oils will sink in deeper and easier into the cellulite prone area during the massage treatment.  Mix the oils in a dark, amber glass bottle.

  Over time and with persistence you will be able to observe results; any improvement where cellulite is concerned is a good one!  I suggest that you massage the blend into affected areas morning and evening using small, firm circular motions until the area is warm, relaxed and most of the oil has been absorbed.  This treatment should be repeated daily and consistently as part of your regular routine routine if you are to really get rid of cellulite and for it to stay away.

  You can find lots of information about different essential oils and what they can do for you on our profiles page.